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ST-01: The Korg Poly-800 Mystery

Hello all... Now we're making good progress homing in on the synths used to make ST-01 I keep finding myself coming back to the Korg Poly-800 as the problem is that several seem to think some of it's presets were used and yet after very carefully listening to the factory set several times now I not at all convinced. It's often possible with very careful listening to sometimes get a feel for the overall sound of a non sample based synth and this is the issue - I can't hear any characteristics of the Poly-800 in any of the suspected Korg originated ST-01 samples. So here's a question - if any of you are convinced otherwise can you give me some proof in terms of preset names vs ST-01 samples and I will check it out. There are several references to Korg in ST-01 I just have a gut feeling it's another (definitely analog!) Korg of the era - eg: MonoPoly or DW6000 or DW8000??

The presets Dangerous and strings 1 & 6 are of particular interest as they sound so odd - I actually wonder if at least a couple of the ST-01 samples (strings 6?) are derived from the Fairlight. - again any clues?

It's still looking like Roland D50 and Yamaha DX21 are the main culprits

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