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I know you were half-kidding, Twistin'. My post was going to be light-hearted, but I thought that as this is a big subject (which is a lot bigger than we can touch upon here), I would put my serious hat on. Go for some gravitas or something. (Says the guy who goes on about being a breakfast cereal).

Still not sure about 'Generation Zombie' as a demographic, though...when did this happen, exactly? Am I unaware of some sepia-coloured time when life was better, which we have fallen from?

Are people generally really any less intelligent, or literate, or for that matter, compassionate or unpredictable than at any previous time? Some people are no good at learning - has this not always been the case? I mean, the world hasn't been short on morons throughout its history...

Is nihilism and angst really a modern phenomenon?

And are disposable, lightweight attitudes not just the natural result of 60 years of teenage pop culture in a wealthy society?

Can I finish on a rhetorical question, do you think?

Edit: Better not.

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