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ST-01 Website

Thanks for all the encouragement - I've had a lot of positive reactions to this one. In fact I'm really surprised no one seems to have done this before - despite loads of searching on the net I can't find anything similar.

Like yourself I too have a Juno106 - a gorgeous synth - I've been restoring it over the last year to its former glory - now running on all 6 oscillators and looks great now all the broken keys have been replaced.

I'm the proud owner of around 25 classic synths - including Roland D50 in the rackmounted D550 guise. The only sod with looking after this lot (around 50U of rackmount space) is keeping the EL LCD backlights working - last year I replaced 7 of them due to them being so dim they were useless.

The website is being put together by Jim (alk) who is producing the framework together in php and SQL.


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