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Well, part of my generalization was meant to be tongue-in-cheek (hence the "these crazy kids" snap). At the root of it, there's a great deal of truth about the manufactured mentality with today's youth. I know a lot of kids and I actually talk to them. The things they say and do, the attitudes they have towards the world, their is stunning. They wear their apathy like a badge of honor, like it's yet another tattoo or belly-button piercing. They celebrate stupidity and nihilism. They hate having to learn new things. They hate old stuff (anything from anyone else's past other than their own).

I make a point to talk to kids, to see where their heads are at. The attitudes I describe above are mainly from the teens I talk to. These attitudes are obviously formed before they hit adolesence. I reckon teaching values is not popular these days. Maybe it is a USA problem. Maybe I am pessimistic (wouldn't you be if you were exposed to these zombies nearly every day?) But my tongue-in-cheek generalizing can't be considered an indictment for an entire generation. There will always be exceptions to the rule.
But look around you...
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