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Im using emulation on my PC coupled with modified workbench for a cf flash drive the system hdf file is 100MB but then I also have my flash drive mounted as DH0 which is 1GB so I may try that game, either way tonight is the first time I can truely say Im happy as hell with using my flash drive as a viable alternative for a HDD until I can afford it, I actually have a 120GB USB drive as well so Im just curious if I can mount that in winuae lol shouldnt need that for ages though , whoever worked on the CF setup well I think its an awsome thing to have done ! got whdload as well and am flying through trying all the games, I am just grabbing the recommended ones in here and they all worked thus far , just came back for another look to see if I missed any, some great listings though!

a few months down the line when I know more I may partition my drive with a raw part, my usb drive 120gb say 3gb part and format with afs and make an hdf, either way I have a second flash card 1gB but its a sandisk, that should work though so currently at a push I have 2gb , either way keep the games comming!
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