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wow you guys really are geeks!

let me see....the first machine I played games on was the Atari 2600..I remember a tank battle game which I played with my cousin. Own of my neighbourhood friends had an Acorn (don't remember the type though) but the games he owned weren't very impressive.

Then my uncle had a ZX Spectrum (the one with the rubber keys) and we would play Knightlore and Sabre Wolf for hours! My dad then bought us the new hope and DEFINATE worldwide standard in homecomputing: The Philips VG8230 MSX 2 (but it was an MSX 1 an a half really coz it had 64 Kb VRAM instead of 128..) This machine kept me of the streets for the next years to come, especially when I saved all my pocketmoney and bought the Philips Music Module. Those were my first MIDI experiences and it even had a tiny sampler in there! A lot of friends had 64s at that time and I recall playing Pitfall and Blue Max (those explosions when you blew up the buildings...phew!)

At the age of 14, I suddenly became more interested in girls and surfing so I sold my MSX to buy a new surfboard...what a stupid thing to do!!
Anyway, my dad had this laptop computer from his work which featured a sparkling new lightning fast 80286AT and the screen was LCD so you could see no shit on it..but I played the Larry games on it nonetheless. Then I decided I needed a PC too (I was young and naive) and bought a 486SX..The LucasFilm games they rocked! I played all those classics like Monkey Island and DOTT..

Nowadays I own a Pentium 133 (no really) and a PowerMAC 9500 but they're only being used in my studio for MIDI and all..I wouldn't let those machines into my house for a million bucks!at home I am the proud owner of one AMIGA 500+ and I fell in love with it the moment I got it (I have it for like, 2 month now)

hmm..after re-reading I guess I'm a bit of a geek too, really
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