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No, you can't buy Amithlon
IMO: The typically Amiga-mess surrounding its being withdrawn did the Amiga community incalculable harm...
...regardless ones opinion as to what a 'real Amiga' is; continued development would have long-since seen the classic OS running natively on cheep PC hardware in much the way Apple migrated their classic OS from 68k to PPC - fully integrated 68k & chipset emulation included. (maybe PPC too!)

Amithlon can still manage most of the above (with a lot of work) - a real taste of what might have been.

No interminable waiting for vapour-ware/hardware; no messing about with Bill & his cronies; no PPC-OS kludges; no being locked into a vastly under-specced & over-priced PPC platform (that doesn't practicably exist anyway).
AND no stupidly over-priced classic hardware for the retro-heads that will always want to play with such stuff (me included).


I know, it's just all the above was sooo close & so few Amiga peeps realise how close...

...back to planet Earth:
-Occ copies of Amithlon do crop up on fleaBay & if you're feeling inquisitive I believe there are things called p2p networks - although of course I would never recommend such naughtiness.
-X Amiga is certainly worth a look for those who want to boot a PC into AmigaOS in a realisably 'native' manner.

...back on topic:
If I had an old MAC, yes I'd be looking for a PPC solution for it but I can't see myself getting one for the purpose.

(Well, I've not made a long & rambling post in some time)
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