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Hi Stingray,

Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
I do know that. I even saw the original(!) sources of Kick 3.xx once

Edit: And I just tried it myself using good old ReSource. But just to create a plain disassembly which can be assembled (which I would not even dare to call a GOOD disassembly) I need a lot more than 3 minutes. How did you manage to do it in 3 minutes? (just curious)
I know that the source for (3.0) 39.106 "escaped" into the wild, probably still have a copy of it here somewhere..

Think that 3mins would not be *too* difficult if you already had MACROS setup that knew how to deal with ROM-RESIDENT and LIBRARY structures.
Source would make very little sense, but at least it would be re-assembleable (is that even a word?).

It would take considerably longer to have a source file which you could start making worthwhile modifications to.

Just my two-penneths worth.

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