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Originally Posted by cv643d View Post
You sure about that? I havent noticed high demand for these chips, besides if you are serious about the Amiga you would get an A1200 and keep A500 for nostalgic purposes.
I need one and I'd buy one. I have an A1200, but I have a few A500s as well that I like to use.

Originally Posted by cv643d View Post
Sounds expensive, and you need airflow around the card. The chips around the PPC CPU needs cooling too. Cheaper alternative is to attach large heatsink with fragtape to the stock PPC heatsink. If you run your PPC card in a desktop A1200 you are crazy. To protect your investment you need to mount it in a tower -where there usually is good cooling already!
A lot of people prefer their desktop cases, so if there was a better cooling option for Blizzards, people wouldn't NEED to butcher their sexy A1200s and stick them in ugly bloated towers.

Originally Posted by cv643d View Post
The standard PSU is actually great. It doesnt consume watts when turned off, is not of typical chinese quality (exploding PSU's), runs very cool and has a decent amount of watt (some variants are 40 watt) plus it is actually styled after the Amiga.

I can understand why you need a new PSU if you are going to end up with a PPC or 040 in your A1200, but other than that -whats the point? The stock PSU is good enough.
The standard PSU was great... in the 80s! Since then, they've become angry old bastards who blow up randomly and take Amigas with them. We need something to replace them simply because they're killing too many Amigas and we need a safer new option.
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