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As a newbie its good to here what you folks at amiga kit are up to, especially interesting what you were saying about ebay, I REALLY hope business stays good for you , because actually if there wasnt the odd shop like yourself , I reckon prices would get even worse, I was really shocked at the price off, well lets be honest old hardware but the fact is I like the amiga so what can I do

I dont know if you already do this, but you should have like high end pre-built and tested amigas (built only from yourselfs) with a thorough listing of everything thats in it as well as any slots that are left unused for potential upgrades, you could have like low, medium and high end builds.

Its just I am thinking a few months down the line I just want to be able to go to a shop like amigakit go in click high end amigas and know that those amigas are fully upgraded and I just click buy knowing that when I get the amiga home I just plug in and go .

I think assuming that you dont have fully built ones listed that would entice alot of prospective buyers who dont yet know enough to build from parts but want a brilliant machine.

Just an idea as your place is probably the only place I would be prepared to spend a good lot of cash on a fully upgraded high end system(by amiga standards)
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