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More thoughts in modern-gaming

I'll post that in the shmups forum later too...

Last week there was a feature on TV here, talking about games that looked a lot like real life. There was a huge coverage of Counter Strike.. then I saw people playing it on a lan.

I thought "WHAT THE HELL?" People aren't smiling, they don't provoke their friend when beating them, they don't even BLINK their eyes..they were cold as ice ...

I mean. I think people completely lost the point of gaming. The guys didn't seem to be having ANY fun. It was like "I HAVE TO WIN, I HAVE TO WIN, I HAVE TO WIN.." What's the point in playing games like that? I think gaming is a way to have fun, to "leave" the real world for a few minutes, and shoot some aliens , or jump in a turtle's head, and then come back to real life with a little more joy or something.

Then I just say that in the IRC channel I usually hang around, about games, in Brasnet ( .. channel #emuladores )
. A guy there says not only that's the right way to play games, he also says he wants to LIVE playing games... he wants to EARN money doing it.. he says he STUDIES to play games, the only thing he wants to do is TO PLAY games (Only Counter Strike, I think)... and how he hates when the other guys from his CS team made stupid things, and how he want to get sponsored, and how he met his girlfriend playing CS ,

WHAT THE HELL AGAIN? Play games as a JOB ? If you want to test games, fine, I can understand that, but have a job to WIN championships of games is just plain stupid. I think even athletes do good things that deserve sponsor, but playing games has NO use in society to deserve to be a "job" .. games are supposed to be a hobby, to make you have fun, and not to be treated like that... he even said that gaming was like his "cocain" ... this isn't a hobby anymore, it's becoming an obsession...

You have no idea of how sad I get when seeing people like that. Do you want to know what kills nice gaming? It's not money, it's not big companies... it's those guys....

Just my 2 cents...
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