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Okay, here's my timeline:

1 yrs.

Dad bought an Intellivison. This machine taught me how to read, I kid you not! I began reading parts of the Los Angeles Times to my dad at two years, after playing educational word games on the Intellivision. Also liked TRON.

6 yrs.

Dad couldn't wait any longer for the keyboard (anyone else in here?), so he bought a Commodore 64 at Bi-Mart. First games I remember on this were Temple of Apshai (great game), Dot Gobbler (Pac-Man clone), and Zork I. Dad also bought some more educational software, but I was done learning (heh), and my little brother never got a chance to play with my Dad and I hogging the bastard. That educational software was probably the last thing ever 'bought' for the C64, knowwhatimean? Eh? Eh? Wink, wink, nudge, nudge?

Rest of Childhood

I remember saving up for a NES, begging my parents for every other system, getting a Game Gear from my aunt, and then settling in with my TurboGrafx. That remains my favorite system ever. Oh, sorry, I meant besides Amiga, yeah!

I kinda burned out on games for a few years, sold much of my stuff, but here's what I have now:

Commodore 64
TurboGrafx-16 and CD
PC Engine and CD
Amiga 1000
Amiga 500

Wow, that's a lot. I'm a geek.
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