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I didn't mention Flashback or ANother World, because I think they are a little more than "platform" games... if they can considered platforms, add them to my list above

I think Heart of Darkness is a GREEEEAAAAATTTTTT game .. I had it in my PC, but unfortunately it stopped working It sometimes remembers me Another World.

Blackthorne is from Blizzard (Published by Interplay) and it's available on Snes too. It's a very good game in the flashback mood, I recommend it.

I Don't like Dark Castle that much.. I played the Amiga and Mega-Drive version, it played much like a very bad spectrum game (no offense to speccy fans ) .

Lost Vikings looks better on Amiga.. at least it looks better in Amiga with my TV, than in PC with my monitor...

And ToeJam & Earl 1 is not a platform game.. it's a kind of arcade-adventure game. Toejam & Earl 2 is a good platform game, if a little too easy. Both games are a lot laughable (Mainly the 1st one), and I recommend it at least for some good laughs..
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