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Originally Posted by Wepl View Post
It looks like dc.l $...

PS: I tought that '131081 Lines' would explain enough
Hehehe I just wanted to make sure you're from this world

Originally Posted by Samurai_Crow View Post the last post shows how he did it.

That took less than a week, BTW. The modifications will take longer though.
It doesn't really show anything but well, I won't discuss this matter further. Also, what he has done is just a FRACTION of the kickstart. And of course, he sounds as if he's king of the world as usual. Very very entertaining at least.

Edit: And don't you think it's just a BIT peculiar that only after someone posted a link to Romsplit our super G√ľnni now suddenly is able to present disassembled code? Before he could present nothing but hot air... The discussion where he claimed that it's incredibly easy to disassemble the Kickstart we had in February this year... Make up your own mind about his abilities.

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