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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
That's the FUCKING BEST JOKE I've heard in a LONG time. Awesome!

On a serious note: Do you actually believe what you just wrote? When can we expect fully disassembled and relocated Kickstart then? In 2 weeks? Can't wait! And how is it possible that mighty BigGun can comment the whole disassembled Kickstart code when he's not even able to understand EXTREMELY trivial COMMENTED sources? So many questions remain unanswered And why does he actually need help from other people? After all, he posted a "foolproof" approach (which was a great laugh, really :P) how to disassemble the Kickstart in the mentioned german Amiga forum. He's not even able to follow his own "tutorials" even though according to him "it's extremely easy to disassemble the Kickstart"? Hmm, yes, he should look for a job as entertainer!

Considering that he doesn't have to disassemble the ENTIRE kickstart to get it working... and has a professional disassembler for the 68k instruction set that supports the Amiga Hunk format... I'd say it shouldn't take long to get it done. Did I mention that the splitting of the ROM image into its constituent libraries with the ROM Split utility took a single click of the mouse to accomplish?

It's not a question of ability. (He probably talks a lot bigger than he walks.) It's a question of having the right tools for the job.
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