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If I could recommend a few new products for AmigaKit to consider??

GuruROM, the replacement ROM for the A590, A2091, GVP HC8+, GVP HD8+, GVP A530 (and several others). Ralph Babel has expressed his willingness to license the design for re-manufacture if the vendor was to do all the work. The cost per unit would be about £3 and a price of £15-20 would not be too offensive. You'd easily sell over 100 units. The demand for these items is high.

Modern heatsink and fan for Blizzard PPC or A1260/A1240. It should be fairly easy and cheap to have designed a modern heatsink that uses heat-pipe technology which could be used to protect the large investment of these cards. Blizzard PPC cards cost a fortune they run at stupidly high temperatures, especially in desktop cases. This would be something that almost any blizzard owner would buy.

16-Mbyte GVP compatible 64-pin 60ns SIMMs. These are like rocking horse poo. Development would be very cheap. Manufacture in china would be very cheap. You'd be able to sell these items at a good profit and the price not be offensive.

A new power supply for desktop Amiga's. A lot of the work has already been done by enthusiasts. Something similar to the PicoPSU mod that has already been shown to work in Amiga. Preferably remade to be a better overall physical fit and easier to install.

Not so much a new product but:

Acard AEC-7720U and AEC-7720UW adapters. Go direct to Acard, see if you cannot negotiate a very low price for a reasonable volume and pass this price on to your customers. More and more Amiga users will want these cards as SCSI drives become more and more rare and unreliable. If you could get them low enough to pass on prices we've come to see on the web ($30-ish) it would be amazing.

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