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Originally Posted by Samurai_Crow View Post
Well, he's disassembling the Kickstart now and doing a decent job of it. It'll probably take more than a week though. If he doesn't know 68k Assembly then why is he so adept at modifying and identifying shortcomings in the 68k code generator for GCC? Maybe he hasn't coded entire programs in Assembly because he wrote them in C and optimized the slow parts in Assembly like any sane programmer would.
Sure thing That's why he's still asking in the Natami forum for people to help him. Anyway, believe what you want to believe, I know enough about BigGun already. And about him "identifying shortcomings in the 68k code generator for gcc", yes, I saw his "filed bugreports" and it was great fun.

Oh and I might quote what BigGun said about Kickstart disassembling:
"I feel sorry for anyone who needs longer than a week to fully disassemble the Kickstart!"

So he should feel sorry for himself.

I think Thomas Hirsch is probably behind the hardware stuff and Gunnar is doing the software part as he goes.
Thomas Hirsch is not "probably" behind the hardware stuff, he IS the main Natami developer!

As for the Kickstart needing to be patched for the Coldfire, it doesn't need it any more because the latest Coldfires are only available for bulk distribution. The 68070 makes more sense anyway in that regard.
Yes I read that. And I had a "nice" discussion with BigGun about that Coldfire stuff.... So I can't help but chuckle to see that now the Coldfire idea is dropped. Maybe BigGun should search for a job as entertainer? At least he made me laugh more than once.

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