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Right I have owned

Texas Instruments TI99/4A - This was the first and started it al off.

Atari 2600 - My dad swapped the TI fo this, centipede is greeeaat!

Acorn Electron - Again my dad swapped the 2600 for the Electron and about 50 games.. Repton did and still does rule.

Spectrum - Owned one briefly, games looked crap compared to the Electron.

C64 - Got one of these beasts in 1988 I think, loved it..

Amiga 500 - My girlfriends dad had one, so I had to get one, mucho nagging and grovelling and Santa got me one for christmas 1990, the Flight of Fantasy pack if I remeber correctly.

Amiga 1200 - The first I saw of this machine was in a Dixons catalogue late 1992, I finally bought one in July 1993 and upgraded it to 040/25 4gig HD etc..

PSX - Got one in 1998 - 3 yrs after release, my 4 yr old son now has this in his bedroom

PC - My first PC came along about 10 months ago.. it's a bitch, windowze is garbage, but it;s up2date and cheap 2 upgrade!

I now own:
1xPS2 (knackered the DVD drive tho!!)
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