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Originally Posted by coze View Post
hmm, like what ? what did you exactly ask him to do and what did he answer ? (just curious)
I didn't ask him anything, he joined a german Amiga forum and wrote a lot of, let's call it "nonsense" there. For example stuff like "it's totally easy to make the Kickstart Coldfire compatible". Once I explained him in detail why disassembling the Kickstart is not an easy task he claimed that "it can be done in one week". Once I explained him once again that this is nonsense he wanted to bet 1000 EUR that he can do that. Once I accepted the bet (well, easily earned money ) he suddenly didn't say anything about that anymore. Other things were stuff where he didn't even understand the difference between "add.w" and "add.l", really trivial stuff... End of the story: He claimed that I know nothing and he knows all and then left the forum. Funny, really. Oh, well, I actually DID ask him something: I asked him how many programs he already had disassembled and how many things he coded in 68k asm. Needless to say, he NEVER answered any of these questions.
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