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the AmigaONE developers have stated that they are not going after a huge market base, and i think that is a stupid way of promoting your product.. they are basically saying...

"heres our FANTASIC NEW PRODUCT, but we know no one will buy it and no one will support it, but buy it anyway because your all AMIGA fans right, and you'll buy anything with the word AMIGA in its title, because you love the Amiga"

wrong, Wrong, WRONG

true, i, like most of you love the whole Amiga scene, but to try and make money out of the Amiga, at least software wise is a mistake.

if a old-skool developer famed for their fantasic Amiga games, are making a PC game and wanna convert it to the Amiga are wasting the publishers time and money (sad, but most publishers are in it for the money, case point Electronic Arts)...

... having said that if a few of the game developers (still big Amiga fans), added a free 2D version on the CD (which they had spent their own time producing), THAT WOULD BE COOL, i can only think of a few companies that might do this TEAM17, BITMAPS and alike.

but to do a total conversion, would take too much time, a 2D version wouldn't (??MAYBE??)

or how about a free Amiga version download from the Website, another cool idea, but just like any other business, you don't make money by doing things for free.

i think we would all love the Amiga to Rise from the Ashes and whip up M$ and BINtel, but i can't see it happening.

I'm happy to use my A1200 and WinUAE for Old-Skool productions, if a new piece of software comes out, i'd probably buy it just to have it.

(comments for and against in the same post)- ho hummm
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