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Originally Posted by Bamiga2002 View Post
Trolling perhaps? There are always people that are tearing it down. Why don't you stop your silly act and encourage the development of Natami instead? It's starting to show up as a perfect replacement for many old Amigas, so let's keep it positive about this mmkay?

And Gunnar seems to be quite knowledgeable about Amiga stuff and programming in general. Don't know him personnally though.

Sure thing, I'm trolling... And the only one who's silly is Mr.BigGun himself. Guess what, I DID try to help him but he just didn't understand the simplest things regarding programming so how can I take someone like that serious? All he is good at is trying to make people BELIEVE he's the super-ultimate-knowledgable person. And as soon as he's out of arguments he starts to insult people so I'm sorry, I can't be positive about him at all! The one who's developing the Natami hardware has ALL(!) my respect and I wish him the best of luck, someone like BigGun however I can't respect, I'm sorry!
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