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Ok the macjines I have owned....

Grandstand thingy Only had 2 games on this, but its probably the machine resposible for my addiction to this day.

Spectrum (the one with the tape player attached) only had it for a week so cant remember what it was called.

C64 One of my all time faves, a great machine that gave me years of fun.

Vic 20 Won in a raffle and never really used beacause it looked a bit poor compared to my POWERFUL C64 lol.

Amiga500 (Batman Pack) The best games machine Ive ever owned!! Had it from 1991 to this day.

Snes A great console with some classic titles, only had it for about a year.

PSOne Another great console with some classic titles.

PS2 My current 'next gen' games machine. So far so good.

I also (obviously) own a PC (P4 1.4 GHz) but dont use it for gaming as I think its awkward and un-user friendly.
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