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>Ah yeah. Heheh.

Not too surprising surely, for Amiga users to be on an Amiga forum?


My thoughts: these don't take gameplay into account as I have only played Amiga and Lynx versions...

8-bit computer versions (ZX Spectrum, CPC, C64) are all pretty good. SMS one has tinny sound and poor graphics. Lynx version is good. SNES one is the worst version of all, horrible graphics and sound. Megadrive versions are OK. Atari ST version is very poor, if I ever get into an argument with an ST user I will just refer him to your video :-) PC Engine and FM Towns versions quite poor with blurry graphics and mushy sound. Amiga version is the best. I was hoping there was an IBM version to laugh at but they never even tried to bring it to the IBM :-)

About the Lynx version: on your video there are some graphic glitches there. These don't occur on a real Lynx nor on Handy 0.95, so either: (a) they were caused by the recording process or (b) you have used an old version of Handy, or another emulator such as MESS.

Anyway the general idea is good, it would be interesting to see vids of other games which came out on lots of platforms, maybe Bard's Tale or something.
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