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Originally Posted by Boo Boo View Post
This realy is very good - PLZ could you upload a list of settings for all tilesets- Also im haveing some runtime errors importing Tiles.
Settings are the same for all tilesets (L*BM files). Other settings are...

Name                    Width   Height  Planes  Palette     Other
World ending\Tables     320     256     5       Yes
World loading           320     352     5       Yes
Slotmachine + anims     320     256     6       No
World sprites           320     320     5       No
Superfrog sprites       320     384     4       No
Team 17 logo            640     512     4       Unknown     Image data starts at byte 39, and there is some
                                                            data after the image.
Superfrog title         320     256     5\6?    No          Top part of the image seems to be different.
Tile data               16      16      5       No          840 tiles are stored after each other. The tileset
                                                            seems to be designed for a 20-tile width display in
                                                            an editor.
Tile collision data     320     672     1       No          A 1-bit "overlay" of the tile graphics for collision
                                                            detection purposes.
You can find this in the info.txt file where you installed Froggy. WOrld sprites are the L*BO files, AWA1 and 2 are the two score tables, L*LP are the world loading screens.

Also, what runtime errors did you encounter?
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