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Originally Posted by Titler View Post
Alas, no... if that were the case you'd only need about an hour to get to Elite with the way the Amiga version scored for ships. Luckily, I saved the game when near Elite without realizing it way back when, and quickly refiring the game up again today, and blasting a few ships, you become Elite somewhere near 1,638,435 points. And the "Right On Commander" is for every 256 ships, not points. You also get one when you rank up.
I think there's more to it than that. Mr Micro introduced a viewable score system in the Amiga (and ST?) version, but it was just something to "amuse" the player .

I believe what I said regarding the seperate "kill point" system which the player does not have direct sight of, but which actually governs your status, is correct though. This system was basically in all versions of Elite, but as I said it was enhanced somewhat after the BBC version - I think to stop people sitting outside space stations and popping off at the emerging Vipers.

It can be kind of tested by starting a new game, and "killing" only asteroids and seeing how many are needed before achieving Mostly harmless status - the doing the same with Pythons or something.
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