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Originally Posted by Stefan Lindberg View Post
Andreas Tadic was filmed by swedish television showing while he designed Superfrog levels, i don't remeber the program name but i did record it on VHS and unfortunatly recorded something else on it since i belived i was probably only one caring about this kind of stuff. ...
A shame, would've been great to catch a glimpse of it! That said, I Googled a bit and came up with this - scroll down to the "Map Editor Deluxe" section, he mentions in the last paragraph that he saw the same interview and based his tile editor around what he saw.

That also reminds me, in some levels, especially L2MA1 so far, you can see where some rooms used to be in the tile pattern outside the playable area. Zoom out and look for oddities, looks like there used to be some extra areas in there. Interesting IMO.

Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey
By the way - if anyone comes up with some new levels please upload them.
Yes please! I haven't made much playable material yet myself, mostly modifications on existing levels. Getting a feel on how to use some tilesets (world 1 and 5, argh!) can be difficult, but playing the end-result is a lot of fun!
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