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New Catweasel mk IV drivers & disk formats!

Drivers are here

new drivers for Catweasel MK4
The new drivers V for Windows 2000 and Windows XP (32-bit versions) are fixing a few bugs in handling 5,25 inch drives. The new imagetool V3.1 can now read and write three new formats:

* VersaDOS HD
these disks have been provided by Perfint tech from India. They are used to store medical imaging data. With new, faster computers now being able to retrieve data from older medical equipment, lots of money can be saved, and up-to-date medical service with modern image processing algorithms can be provided at lower cost. We're especially happy about this use case, as it has extremely high value to threshold countries.

* VersaDOS 3HDDI
these disks have been provided to us by Matisa from Switzerland, a company that makes machines for railroad track construction and maintenance. The disk was mangled and obviously written on a very bad drive, but we managed to retrieve enough data for implementing this new format.

* HP4145
this disk was provided to us by Bosch (Hildesheim, Germany), where it is used in semiconductor test-equipment.

Another new feature of the imagetool is the possibility to save d64/d71/d81 images of Commodore disks with additional error information. The automatic recognition of disk formats now gives a list of possible formats instead of stopping at the first positive try, which makes the function a lot more useful. You can find more details in the readme-files of the archive:

New Catweasel MK4 controllers will be back in stock in august of this year. To bridge this bottleneck in supply, we have cleared our safety-stock of Catweasel MK4 controllers. To our knowledge, all pre-orders are served now. Our retail partners are taking orders that will be shipped as soon as the new production run is available.

individual Computers Jens Schönfeld GmbH
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52152 Woffelsbach
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