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Very cool, works perfectly on me Viśta x64

1. Do I have to re-run the app every time I want to change the level/graphics set?

2. When I try to save what I've done, I've no idea what should be the name and have to recheck exactly what level I've got loaded in the first place.
Maybe the requester could suggest (and warn) overwriting of the exact one that was loaded?
Would be really useful in case of a simple remake all level kinda mod.

3. Will those levels actually work when saved and replaced with the original game files?

Originally Posted by Exl View Post
Even the Project-F level can be viewed, which reveals something odd...
You mean the way the level is designed with 3 continous paths as the camera moves?
When the hero goes from left upper side to the far right upper side, he is being transported to the middle left and flies to the middle right, and so on?
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