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Hi to everyone!

@ Titler: after 12 years I was skymming around the sun fantastic
@ Harrison: I try to play Frontier but just for a few times and I think I ve not yet understand the right way to play dont know, maybe I entered not yet in "game-mind"..really strange to play, in large sense. For now the best (unofficial?) part II of the Elite, I think, is Oolite...really close to the first project and really nice graphic. Of course if I had discover Frontier 15 years ago, maybe now I would have a very different opionion about it...
Thanks for Archi's infos. Now I want try to resolve problems with WB, want to play to AmiGer version absolutely
@ Galahad: as you I never reached ELITE status....I play a loooong time in Amiga500+ but I never...just deadly. I thought it was a bug of my personal floppy...oh how much ships I destroyed
@ Angus & others: Thargoids suck! I used that tactic too, but anyway, with Mil laser too, when you falled in dead zone it was the end...
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