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Originally Posted by Team_Hoi View Post
Funny, I've got the same thing with my TYTN II: I usually use only a fraction of its fancy functions. I almost never use internet or GPS. I don't travel much and when I do I take the train. The device has turned out to be a snobbish wannahave I don't utilize, and I'm seriously considering going back to a good old simple mobile phone next time, if that's still available that is.

Less is more, I forgot that for a moment.
I agree totally. I do like the internet on it, but mainly for music. I like a good old small converged device. Here's hoping I remember that next time round. Small, less features!!

Peter, it doesn't work on the touch sadly. It's got a java engine definately but not J2SE. Onwards with the development of the J2SE version
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