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Originally Posted by reyearthnexus View Post
...i discovered that there was before a better version of that game (maybe the BEST ever) for Archimedes (Acorn..or something like that...)
..well I searched for a long time as I wrote, downloading a lot of emulators, RedSquirrel, B-em, Arculator, but I found them very hard to set up . I found - I think - the right adf file of the game but maybe I'm really unskillful..
I noticed no one mentioned anything about the Acorn versions of the game mentioned in your original post, so I thought I would.

The very first original version of Elite was created on the UK home computer called the Acorn BBC Micro. This was a very good 8-bit system invented by the UK TV company BBC for use by home users to tie in with a TV series on using computers, and the BBC Micro went on to be in every school in the UK. The Acorn Archimedes was the successor to the BBC Micro and was the first fully 32-bit home computer released in the UK (not sure about the world). This system also went on to be in most schools in the UK. And the Archimedes version of Elite is indeed very good.

Archimedes emulation would be very confusing for anyone who has never used a real Archimedes computer as the RISCOS operating system is very unique to the system. For emulation it is also confusing that the name of the disk images for the Archimedes emulators are also called ADFs (Archimedes Disk Files). If you still want to get the Archimedes version working then PM me as I can lead you through how to do it, and also provide the files if needed.

The very first original BBC Micro version of Elite is also worth playing just to see where the game started and how good the original really was, especially when you consider the computing power available at the time. Again if you need help running it via emulation let me know.

I also noticed that Frontier: Elite II hasn't really been mentioned in this thread either. Have you played Frontier? And if so what do you think of it compared to the original Elite? It is probably my favourite game of any on the Amiga. Back at the time of its release I must have spent many months playing the game.

And if you like space trading games then the recent PC games X are highly recommended and worth playing. X3 Reunion can be found at low prices these days and is a great game with scope far beyond anything imagined at the time of the original Elite's creation.
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