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I cannot make a timeline but I owned many different machines:

Atari 800: I can hardly remember the machine but I can recall the games

Atari 2600: Pitfall rules!

Sega Master System: The original one, not sms 2. My favourite console.

Sega Mega Drive: It was a strange one, there wasn't a sega logo on it and on the box, the name was written as "siga miga drive", it was probably not manufactured by Sega!

Nintendo Nes: Similar issues with SMD, it was probably not manufactured by nintendo as well.

Commodore 64: I got one after I had the sms, because of that I always knew it sucked and never liked it as a game machine but it was a real computer unlike the sms console so I'm glad I owned a C64.

Amiga 500+: Incompatible but 1mb chip was cool

Amiga 1200: Never had the chance to expand it, sold the way it was

Within a week I'll be a proud owner of 2xA1200s, 2xA500s 1xC64 and an 1xA600
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