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ahh great!! , yeah its just for starting out , I can definatly see myself getting an HDD very soon after I get everything setup . Im just gonna try and learn as I go . Plus looking at all the stuff out there for the amiga I REALLY shouldnt have thrown my a500+ out and theres much worse I could be spending my cash on. (Im also going to use the amiga for learning purposes as after Ive had some fun with it I want to learn about the older architectures since I kinda missed out on some of that and now that Im trying to learn low lvl programming with PCs well alot of the newer architectures well they seem to have some roots from older architectures - I know PCs will probably be totally differant any many many respects but its good to know about other things as well )

Plus I would like to at some point learn more about the amiga filesystem and programming in the amiga in general so its gonna be fun but first I need to get a clue about the amiga machines again.
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