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Originally Posted by reyearthnexus View Post

I cant believe to my eyez...maybe I never could imagine what you meant with so close..

the a 180 eh? well...i'll try!! have I to press any key to activate it? Or it will be detect automatically the right distance to turn itself on?

what have I to do with that MONSTER?? to bring him away to somewhere...?
If it's the mission I'm thinking of (it doesn't appear in the Amiga version, C64 and a few others only), you need to star-skim, like with fuel scooping, to raise your ship temperature and kill some of them off if they get too out of control; but otherwise, deliver them to a certain star system... Read up the information on the Tribbles mission in my first link

The fuel scoop is automatic; but you need to do a 180 degree turn as you'll be flying at full speed, and delay one or two seconds too long and you'll go POP!
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