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Growing older with Computers/Consoles - What did you own?

This kind of thread may have been done before but I couldn't find it under search.

It occurred to me after seeing the age thread that many of us span the same generation, with a few peaking either side. More importantly, we were all there during the golden age of computer game innovation

With this in mind I thought it would be interesting to see what machines you've owned over the years and at what age.

If you don't feel like doing this then share some experiences you remember form the Golden Age.

Here's my history:

Age 7:

Got my first computer - a legendary Vic-20 with Joystick, 4 game tape (hoppit, blitz, some piano thing, damn can't remember) and the cart Jelly Monsters.

That was it - I was hooked big time. Nagged parents for the carts Gorf, Omega Race and one or two tape games. My mum was awesome at Jelly Monsters (using the naff non-microswitched joystick) while my dad ruled at blitz (which required you to hit a space bar only! ). Only time my parents have ever taken an interest in computer games - guess they got too complicated later on I tell a lie actually - my mum loved Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands on the Amiga.

Age 9:

Moved on to a Spectrum 48K (non-rubber) which I quickly swapped for a 128K version. Bought loads of budget games and copied a few off friends. Great memories. Apart from getting the damn tapes loading.

Age 10:

Could be a year out here but it was round about now I got a Spectrum plus 2. Pointless really, but as a kid the built in tape deck looked sooo cool. Still had problems with the tape deck loading now and again.

Age 12

Best friends brother had an Atari ST (one with separate disk drive) and after seeing games such as Defender of the Crown I made it my one goal in life to get one. Wasn't easy, these things cost some serious cash back then and much nagging was needed before I finally got my hands on one at Christmas. The double sided drives had just come out for the ST at the time, but I stuck with the single sided drive because early releases of these newer drives were incompatible with certain games.

First Games - Copied versions of Super Sprint, Star Wars and Barbarian Palace (could only afford 3 blank disks!)

Age 14-15

Best friends brother went and got an Amiga and after seeing titles such as Blood Money and Beast it was time to jump on the nagging train again. The mission was difficult, but in the end a Batman Pack came my way!

Went on to upgrade the Amiga to an A500 Plus and finally an A1200HD as soon as these models were released.

During this time I also bought a MegaDrive, sold it and got a SNES, owned an Atari Lynx, in moment of madness snapped up a second hand Jaguar and finally jumped on the PS1 bandwagon.

And oh yeah, a PC.

Out of all this I currently still have an A1200HD, SNES, Jaguar, PS1 and PC.

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