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If you are going the WinUAE route, this is a good place to start;

Pretty much every Amiga ADF ever there for you to grab, including Elite and Frontier: Elite II

I always dreamed something like these versions we are talking about... where you can sell and buy other ships and much other....ah i love this game
You may want to check out the more modern EvE too then; they've ripped off Frontier even down to the futuristic text 14 day free trial here;

Edit: Oh, trying to enter the Coriolis are we? Does this mean you've got one version running?

Simplest way I found to do it is to line up away from the space station so the station is off centre to your left or right on the screen, with the door facing in towards the centre of the screen. Then fly forward, keeping the station to your left/right and stop when you are directly in front of it (when it appears in the centre of your left or right view point). Then from there make small adjustments so you are facing roughly towards the door. Don't worry about hitting it dead centre, or with the door square aligned precisely towards you; the important thing is to either fly in fast enough so that you dock before getting blown up, and most important of all, to be rotating correctly as you enter. Approach slowly, and rotate your ship as you do; match the ship to the door, then just hold course with the nose pointing in... and that should be it

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