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Originally Posted by alewis View Post
A1000. Period. You need to see the picture on the original PCW cover, Aug 1985.

The A4000T was nice, and still manages to look different today. Has a hit of "Apple-ism" about it. But I'd love to *own* an A1000. Even better, a PPC+040/060 based A1000, with AA chipset, onboard UW SCSI and between 32 and 64MB of RAM. And integrated GFX card. And DVD-RW (or CD-RW) THAT would be my dream machine. Perfect case, perfect innards. Oh, and somehow dual internal floppy for my SCA-II card
Venice FL? I'm presuming Florida? If so, check the eBay listings in the marketplace - there's an A1000 on fleabay going for $50 buy it now! Looks in amazing condition.
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