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Thanks all, btw I see Zork mentioned , maybe I will make that my first text game instead of lurking horror , all games I will aim to try also that turrican, Im sure thats in the extras games in the amiga Ive ordered.

One thing I noticed is

Total Chaos: Battle at the Frontier of Time

It says must be run from the hard drive. Theres no panic if I cant run this not having an amiga 1200 HDD yet but Im just wandering if it would be possible when I plug the 1gb flah card into the amiga if I can just run the game of that until I get an HDD? Either way its honestly no biggy Just trying to learn fast and I also managed to get a friend to secure an atari ste for me for £0.00 hehe this forum must be having an effect [Hes going to hunt it out from his attic!]

Anyway thanks for the input!

Wow actually I notice starflight 1 and 2 in these threads, theres a guy in his fifties I speak to on anothert forum who swears by those games so I tried it on the PC however the port was not so good but I see it mentioned the amiga version was vastly superior , so I will be sure to try that out!

Ow one other thing, 1 game I would like to get a hold off but not suyre if it got brought out on the amiga, its not werewolf boy but you walk about the streets ofr london and you turn into a werewolf at night and feed on civilians but you have to hide on the roofs and stuff from the police, does anyone know what the name of that game was ?

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