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Tested the VIC cart and can report that it's excellent

I fitted the board into an old case, pushed it in and switched it on (as usual!).

What you are then faced with is a menu in alphabetical order which can be scrolled down using either the joystick or cursor keys.

Press return or joy button and the selected game starts instantly.

This is the recently issued PAL version from Eslapion in Canada (search for 8bitcentral) and I am happy that no bugs have been found so far.

Many games are cart images and are therefore good quality.

The only downside is the poor choice of colours on the menu screen and the fact that you need a hard reset when changing games.
No hardship really.

This cost me £25 all in and is a bargain as far as I'm concerned.

Some poor quality pics..

Attachment 17132

Attachment 17133

Attachment 17134

Attachment 17135

Attachment 17136

Attachment 17137

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