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Everything you ever wanted to know about Elite for most versions, from the old, old FAQ which I rummaged back up for you... I can guarantee that they are reasonably accurate for the Amiga, as "Ian" in the acknowledgments is me, having written up most of the Amiga section myself (and the manually working out the Amiga score for ships), and thus being given the avatar to the left for it way back in the dawn of the internet

I don't, over a decade and a half later recall how the missions were triggered, but to prove some of them are at least possible in a normal game on the Amiga, here's my final, completely honest (and rather obsessive) ranking, now preserved via WinUAE and by being able to make a working .adf of my saved game disc back when I had 2x 3.5" floppy drives and DISK2FDI and an OS it would work on

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