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Speccy - Bruce Lee. Loved this game, especially 2 player.

Atari ST - Joust. Again the two player action was sweet!

Don't forget about Great Giana Sisters! One of the first platform games I had on my Amiga.

Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands were excellent, the difficultly level was just right. I'll never forget the day I finished Bubble Bobble with my brother - we were stuck on level 89 being our highest achievement for ages! Parasol Stars was ok, not as good as the previos two though.

NewZealand story held my interest for some reason, perhaps because it came with my very first Amiga in the Batman pack.

All time favourites have to be Revenge of Shinobi (MegaDrive) and Super Mario Brothers (SNES). The latter had perfect gameplay - finding all 96? levels even though you'd finished the game was a challenge. The feeling of accomplishment when you'd completed a hard level was unbeatable, as was the sensation of doing a level in record time.
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