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hi all

I am new to assembler programming. I have Devpac 3, Winuae.

I also installed the Developer hardfile from :

direct link:

This gives a complete developer environment I have been looking for YEARS !

Which asm tool is best ? I also have Devpac 3

I cannot find in the hdf, where the include files are to update them to the 3.9 NDK.

Please can some one tell me how to update the includes if i installed Devpac 3.

Please could someone give me access to the zone !

Amiga needs a complete upto date developer environment, this hdf is a godsend to develope software, ready for when natami comes out.

Can some knowlegable person update all the *needed* software and include 'a way to' easily update C, asm, includes by an installer ?

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