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Arrow Drake, DOS and Darkness

About Crazy Drake: I am quite sure I have finished this game because from the menu I had access to all worlds. If you start in the last world (the Ice-world I think) and finish all four levels, you will be presented the credits-screen.

I haven't installed Crazy Drake yet in Windows XP. I do not have positive experiences playing DOS games in this environment. Here is a log of the few games I have tried to run. Please note that these worked fine in Win95:
Zone Raider: Works fine as long as you play it in 320x200 mode. Switching to sVGA makes the game crash;
Tempest 2000: Does not play music;
Doom 2:Refuses to start up.
Lucky enough I still have my old Pentium 90 with DOS installed and relive the games on this machine.

About Heart of Darkness: Is this a 2D platformgame which has starring a boy and his dog? I remember a review of this game which said it was horribly difficult due to sluggish controls.
I am still intending to buy this game on budget for my old Pentium 90. Any platformgame is welcome on PC.
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