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Thank you all!

@alphonsus: Yes, that's what I thought, too. I forgot all about the A520; I remember having one in my A500! I'll have to "scan" my friends to see if someone still has one.

@NovaCoder: the VGA box is a cheaper way to scandouble, right? From what I saw, we feed the Amiga TV signal (composite or S-Video) and get a VGA signal, above the 30KHz. That's great, but doesn't really solve my problem, since I'm only on RGB (my A4000 has no Composite out).

My Retina outputs VGA, but without the Workbench drives loaded, it does nothing at all (although the Retina has it's VCoder board, wich apparently outputs Composite and S-Video, but I don't know how to activate those outputs, and I'm guessing they work only after the drivers are loaded). Does anyone have a Retina BLT Z3 manual? I've search the net and the usual Amiga Hardware sites, but had no luck.

@ed cruise: That's what I'll be doing in the short term. A friend of mine still has an old monitor, and I'll borrow that to test the Amiga.

@all: I think the beast is working, I've put a Eye of the Beholder disk inside and it seems to boot. The Warp Engine makes that "gong" sound on boot, wich means everything is OK.

I've prepared an IDE harddisk on WinUAE (an old Amiga HD), and put it on the A4000, but it did not boot. From what I remember, I really must access the boot menu to choose the boot drive... so I'll wait until I have the Commodore RGB monitor.

In the meantime, I'm trying to identify my tower. I've seen it on the Amiga at NASA article, here. It's the towers layed down on their side in the last picture. Anyone knows this tower (brand, manufacturer)?

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