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Floppy disk Gamebase CPC (GBCPC)


It seems many of us were unaware of the existence of a Gamebase for the CPC. We all know that the original Gamebase was for the C64, and that Elowar developed an extensive Gamebase Amiga for our miggy related game listing needs.

Apparently, dlfrsilver offered his help for GBCPC, and this brand new v4 features 500 games, with scans, music... GBCPC doesn't have its own web site yet, unfortunately. There are guidelines if you want to add entries to the DB. 500 is not that much indeed, but Idaneels adds 100 games upon each update. I found out that, among others, the following entries were missing :
  • 944 Turbo Cup (1988, Loriciels)
  • AMC aka Astro Marine Corps (1989, Dinamic Software)
  • D. T. Decathlon (Ocean, 1985)
  • Fighting Warrior (1985, Melbourne House)
  • Knight Games (U.S. Gold, 1986)
  • Renaud - Marche A L'ombre aka Sidewalk (1987, Infogrames) <- Sidewalk included as of v.13
  • World Games (1986, Epyx)
And for the Coin-op ports that deserve an honorable mention :
Arkanoid, Marble Madness, Paperboy, R-Type

Since some people tend to forget that a few of the 1987-88 first wave of Amiga hits were successfully ported from the CPC (and from the C64, of course), I feel it is necessary to be able to compare the technical aspects of such games (graphics come in mind) on those 2 platforms.

The author of GBCPC and its contributors really did a great job, as CPC game content is even more "deeply buried into retro-gaming sand" than Amiga's, as you can imagine. Installation is easy (detailed instructions are provided in French and in English), especially if you're familiar with Gamebase.

Prepare yourself to be presented with such exotic media files as yb, snp. This said, anyone with Acrobat can be delighted with those marvelously dated scans. Last but not least, CPCE is the central emulator designated to run the games (Personally, I think Caprice32 is quite good too).

EDIT : I edited that short list of "missing classics", but I'll probably delete it next time as I don't think it is of much concern to anyone. At least, you may notice it's getting shorter & shorter, which illustrates Loic sometimes adds games upon request.

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