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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Okay Graham I'll check it out
I have no idea yet what Filemaster is so could you give me a very brief sum up what it does and on which configuration (Amiga model and Workbench) you have tried it.

It's a directory utility, like DOpus 4 essentially. Nothing out of the ordinary

And yep, somehow I forgot to list my setup so here goes: I've tried it on my A1200 which has an '040 and 32MB of Fast RAM.

Originally Posted by cosmicfrog View Post
yep and aminet to the rescue yet again

ok can see why you want to change pallet once i got it on workbench that pink on the buttons is horrid but i changed it without any problems.

now i`m of read the manual (it dose have a manual?) as can`t workout how change the buttons yet
So you can change the palette when it's on the Workbench screen? Interesting, I didn't try that - I only tried it when it was on its own screen.

It does have a manual but inexplicably it doesn't have an icon, which is sloppy in the extreme.
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