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Reviving an A4000 for a noble purpose


I'm in the process of re-installing my old Amiga4000, and I need some help from you experts.

I used to be a fervorous Amiga user, and I'm starting out a small education enterprise (where kids can come and learn about lots of fun stuff, like computers, languages, history, r/c car racing, etc.). I'd like to have a small computer museum, from the Sinclair Timex 2068 (my first computer) to the MacPro Quad Xeon (you guessed it, my current computer), where kids can experience the evolution, develop small apps and games, and generally have fun with different generations. Most kids never saw anything but Wintel machines...

So, my A4000 must be revived! My specs:

* Amiga 4000 "Towerized" (it's not the Amiga4000T's tower, it's defferent, so I suppose this was an Amiga4000D)
* WarpEngine 68040 33MHz (from Macrovision) + 32MB RAM
* Retina BLT Z3 4MB ZorroIII Graphics Card (from Macrovision)
* SCSI Harddisk Quantum Fireball 4GB (on the WarpEngine)
* SCSI 2x CD-ROM (Caddy-loading)
* IDE Harddisk Conner 1.2GB

Ok, on to the problems. How may I connect the A4000 to a video device so I can see the screen (TV/VGA monitor)? It only has an Amiga RGB out (no Video Composite, S-Video or RF). I used to have one of those old multiscan NEC monitors to connect directly, but thats gone by now. I have a video cable (Amiga 23-pin RGB to SCART), but my 2 TVs with SCART show no video (the black image goes light grey when the Amiga is on, and flickers when I reset, but nothing else). The hard drives have no Amiga system (I think they where used on my PC). The A4000 seems to work, because I turn it on and it seems to boot from the Workbench floppy.

Before I attempt to copy AmigaSYS to the IDE HD and put it on the Amiga, I need to confirm the Amiga still works. Do you think it's simply not working? Any idea on how I can try to get the video signal from the 23-pin RGB out to a TV/VGA monitor? I have a RGB-VGA plug converter, but I need the Workbench on DlbPAL or something before I can connect my Sony VGA monitor, and for that I must access the "normal" 15KHz Amiga modes... even for the Boot Menu (both mouse buttons down on boot) to choose the boot drive.

On a slightly different note, does anyone have a manual for the Retina BLT Z3? Mine has the VCode board, whick adds S-Video and Composite out, but I'm sure it only works after the Retina software is loaded... outputting the Retina image.

Any generous soul care to help me? Thanks in advance!
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