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thanks very much to all... I see what the problem is.. yeah I got 512k chip ram, and 2,5 MB fastram.... grr...

I found this on wikipedia:

"..All versions of the A500, and all A500 based versions of the A2000, could be upgraded to 2 MB Chip RAM by fitting the 8372B Agnus chip and adding extra memory..."
could this be the only solution ? I have two spare A500s, I checked and of course they have the 8372A Agnus...

I also just got from ebay an A1200 which has 2MB of chipram right ? but... Octamed 4 doesnt run... I've no idea about Amigas after the 500 .. and yeah hardly anything from the A500 seems to run on the A1200. Why ?

thanks youre being very helpful as Im preparing a little DJ set for this Saturday 12th July in Berlin with only one amiga500 !!! If I dont resolve it Ill just use hippoplayer... I was just loving the idea of triggering samples and muting channels at the same time it plays..

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