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Originally Posted by _ThEcRoW View Post
the c64 dtv runs off an asic and sure the design wasn't that expensive. Or am i wrong?
You're wrong. Their NRE (non recoverable expendature) would have been in the $100,000's. (Probably somewhere in the middle)

They reportedly got a damn good deal though.

I am pretty sure that Jeri was an employee / contractor for a 3rd party company with a lot of cash.

They worked in a very,very old geometry, directly with the chinese FAB (factory) (probably one who bought all their equipment from another FAB that was being upgraded), they even chose the cheapest chip package, just bond the wafer to the PCB and cover with epoxy glue to keep the cost down.

I would love to know more of the real details (including financing) of the C64DTV project. I have come across a few interesting tidbits. The developers mention in their blogs several times about not being able to make a 100% compatible due to area constraints which were imposed by final prices and profit margins. They also mention that they re-spun the chip (at least 3 times) which must have been an added expense.

The chips that I make, which are not that much more complicated than NatAmi, cost about $3M from concept to working silicon.

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