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which amiga? Hmmm.....

2 x 1200's, one stock, one with GVP '030/4MB
2 x 4000's one w/WarpEngine 84MB, one with odd graphical glitches sometimes (sick miggy )
A1200 PowerTower w/ A1260 + SCSI, 128MB

Newest addition to the family:
A4000T, '060, 128MB, Toaster/Flyer/TBC/PAR

Is there some kind of 'sickness' that causes people to aqcuire as many Amigas as possible???
The guy I bought the 4000T from also has a 600 for sale.... my dad misses his old 600

(I saved the HDD, and acellerator from his old 600, 'just in case' ....)
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